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What is/Who are the Baltimore Kickers?

 The Baltimore Kickers were founded on September 23, 1953. 
The purpose was and is to promote soccer as well as the German language and the German culture.

Kickers Continue Search for 'New' Clubhouse

Click here for list of Properties visited or being considered

Kicker's 'kick' it into high gear at the 114th German Festival!

114th German Festival 7.26.2014

Next Meeting:  November 2, 2014
2:00 pm at Zion

November 16, 2014 (click for details)

The Baltimore Kickers Boys Youth Team 2014-2015

The Baltimore Kickers currently support a Youth Boys team & a NEW Men's Team.

If you are interested in trying out U12 for the upcoming season- please email laroluis16@msn.com



The Baltimore Kickers

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Telephone:  410-276-4949