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What is/Who are the Baltimore Kickers?

 The Baltimore Kickers were founded on September 23, 1953. 
The purpose was and is to promote soccer as well as the German language and the German culture.


The Great German-American Family Picnic


On Sunday, June 28th all of the German Clubs

 will come together for our annual combined 


Great German-American Family Picnic 

Held from 12 to 5 pm at Kurtz Beach


As a thank you the Baltimore Kickers offer this picnic free to anyone 

who has volunteered 12 hours or more over the past year.


However this event is open to ALL of our members.


If you have volunteered twelve or more hours you should be getting a notice in the mail shortly.

If you are unsure of your volunteer hours please contact Bill Kelleher at 410-377-9508.


 If you have not volunteered twelve hours but would still like to attend or have family that would like to attend please

fill out the form below, follow the instructions and send it back to Bill Kelleher 

as instructed 

along with your payment by June 15th.

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you there.

Schlachtfest Notice

As everyone is aware we had to postpone our Schlachtfest in June

We have a new date!

 Sunday, September 27, 2015

 Please contact Mike and Mildred Kramer at 410-273-6439 for reservations.



Rehab work on the Baltimore Kickers NEW clubhouse at 4810 Gunther Avenue has started
Estimated time until completion is the end of July!


Construction Updates:

 Since our last newsletter a lot of work has been completed on Gunther Avenue. 

Once we received our demo permit the entire interior of the building was gutted and the debris removed, but as you all know once you start opening things up you run the risk of running into delays and having to meet the latest codes and requirements.  This combined with the City’s delays, due to the unrest downtown, has unfortunately pushed our completion date back until the end of July.  This is, however, not an issue since we have no events scheduled for the month of July. 

To date the most visible improvement is the “fachwerk” (timber framing) on the exterior of the building, the Baltimore Kickers sign and the new posts and chain for our driveway. The sign and chain were approved by the Board of Directors, designed and totally paid for by club member Josh Beatty, and is in the  process of being installed as you receive your newsletters.  

Other improvements include brand new shatter proof windows which we can open to let air in, the removal of all underbrush on the one side of the building, the removal of the wire enclosed area, the installation of a new exterior steel door to what is now a covered patio and a new access door for our HVAC system that is a code requirement.  Inside we have all new framing; a new doorway to what will be our commercial grade kitchen and new reinforced ceiling framing to support the HVAC system.  In addition the entire exterior of the building has been painted.

We have settled on a lawn cutting company, who have already been there a number of times this year, a new security system and monitoring company and the Board of Directors unanimously voted to fund a brand new entertainment system to include a new receiver and speakers to go with our new home.  


Next Newsletter 10/1/2015
Submission Deadline 9/15/2015

The Baltimore Kickers Boys Youth Team 2014-2015

The Baltimore Kickers currently support a Youth BoysTeam.

If you are interested in trying out U12 for the upcoming season- please email laroluis16@msn.com



The Baltimore Kickers

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