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What is/Who are the Baltimore Kickers?

 The Baltimore Kickers were founded on September 23, 1953. 
The purpose was and is to promote soccer as well as the German language and the German culture.

Holiday Schedule/Frohe Weihnachten

 Date   Location
 Activity Contact
 11-29-2014 Zion Church
 11-30-2014Zion Church
 12-5-2014 Zion
Kickers Meeting & Christmas Party
5:30 pm
$10. per person
(includes food, beer, soda and Gluehwein)
 Mike Kramer

Note:  This year the Kickers and all of the German clubs have been invited to volunteer and participate in the Inner Harbor Christmas Village at a table set aside to promote all of the German clubs and possibly attract new members.  This event will take place the entire month of December right up until Christmas and we encourage you to contact the Buergerverein at 410-522-1664 or email Dottie Kirchner at djankir@aol.com to volunteer for a few hours to help promote the German Christmas traditions and the Baltimore Kickers.

Kickers Continue Search for 'New' Clubhouse

Just a reminder that this coming Saturday, November 8th, from 10 am until 12pm the Baltimore Kickers will be having the property located at
4810 Gunther Avenue open for all of our members to take a look at.
This is the property that the Kickers are considering for a possible new clubhouse.
At this gathering we will also explain what work we are looking to do to the building to make it workable for the club.

Click here for list of Properties visited or being considered
(photos of the proposed property are at this link)
Next Newsletter 1/1/2015
Submission Deadline 12/15/2014

The Baltimore Kickers Boys Youth Team 2014-2015

The Baltimore Kickers currently support a Youth Boys team & a NEW Men's Team.

If you are interested in trying out U12 for the upcoming season- please email laroluis16@msn.com



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