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    2016 Trip



One Week Christmas Shopping Trip to Rüdesheim Germany
Monday December 5th-Monday December 12th – 2016


·        Monday, December 5th by Bus to Dulles Airport and Flight to Frankfurt.

·        Tuesday, December 6th Arrive in Frankfurt and by bus to Rüdescheim- Check into Hotel Höhn.

·        The Christmas Markets we will visit: Wiesbaden-Darmstadt-Trier-Bad Kreuznach and Mainz.

·        Also a trip on the Rhine River to the Lorelei.

·        A cable car ride up to the Niederwald Monument

·        6 nights Hotel Höhn with Breakfast Buffet

·        A visit to the Gemstone Museum in Idar-Oberstein

·        Bus for 6 days with driver tip included

Approximate cost per person based on 40 people in Group- double occupancy and an

Exchange rate of 1 Euro = $1.10  / $1770- Single occupancy $60.00 extra


For more information and signup – Contact Hans Steffen 410-859-1635

All Members and friends can now sign up!

Signup fee per person is $350.00 – all but $100.00 is refundable until September 31st should you have to cancel.




 For all trips-- please contact Hans Steffen at 410-859-1635