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2014 Mayor's Cup

Two Adult Baltimore Kickers Teams to Play Baltimore Mayor’s Cup in Patterson Park, Aug. 1st-3rd , 2014
Baltimore Kickers Bayern and Baltimore Kickers Schalke 14, two of the Baltimore Kickers adult teams, will be participating in the Baltimore Mayor’s Cup this weekend. The main tournament field will be Utz Field in Patterson Park and the games begin Friday night. The Bayern squad will be representing Germany in the World Cup style tournament, while the Schalke 14 squad will be representing Costa Rica (see schedule for both teams below along with tournament website link and field locations).


Fri, 8/1/14 6:30 PM Germany (Kicker Bayern) vs. Canada @ UTZ Field Patterson Park

Fri, 8/1/14 7:30 PM Costa Rica (Kickers Schalke 14) vs. Jamaica @ UTZ Field Patterson Park

Sat, 8/2/14 1:00 PM Costa Rica (Kickers Schalke 14) vs. Nigeria @ UTZ Field Patterson Park

Sat, 8/2/14 12:00 PM Germany (Kicker Bayern) vs. Columbia @ Swann Park

Sat, 8/2/14 3:00 PM Germany (Kicker Bayern) vs. Belgium @ UTZ Field Patterson Park

Sat, 8/2/14 3:00 PM Costa Rica (Kickers Schalke 14) vs. U.S. Virigin Islands @ Dunbar H.S.

Sat, 8/2/14 5:00 PM at Dunbar HS or UTZ field depending on if we place #1 or #2 in our group
Sun, 8/2/14 9:00 AM or 10:00 AM at UTZ field
Sun, 8/2/14 11:30 AM at UTZ field
Utz Field Patterson Park: 200 S. Linwood Avenue, Baltimore, Maryland 21231
Swann Park: 299 W. McComas Street, Baltimore, Maryland 21230
Dunbar High School: 1400 Orleans Street, Baltimore, Maryland 21231